Over the course of his Christian walk, Pete Einstein has realized that the greatest challenge for him on planet earth is to endeavor to maintain the standard of Christ in all areas of his life. To that end, he has intently studied and meditated upon the scriptures and availed himself of opportunities to be mentored by Godly men. As his journey progresses, Pete and Fran, his wife, continue to see God’s hand in the midst of what continues to be an exciting adventure.

Through the years, Pete has gained understanding about such disciplines as what it means to really love God and our wives; how a man must crucify his flesh daily; and what being a servant-leader entails. As a result, his quest for Christ-likeness has manifested itself most recently in several ways.

Pete and Fran have facilitated 16-week workbook study sessions in their home over the past four years. These relationship studies are for married, or soon-to-be-married couples, with emphasis placed on developing leadership qualities in the man, as spiritual leader of the home.

After twice completing a 3-year college-degree equivalent course entitled Christ Quest Institute (CQI), offered by Life Partners Christian Ministries, Phoenix, AZ, Pete and Fran currently are group leaders for the second-year (sophomore) class of married couples which meets weekly in a church facility just outside Carlisle, PA.

In addition, Pete leads a weekly pre-release/pre-sentencing class at Cumberland County (PA) Prison, where relationship issues with God, self, spouse, children, family and others are approached from a practical and, most importantly, a biblical perspective.

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