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When someone asks Fran Einstein what she did on Mother’s Day, she is bound to answer, “I was in prison.” It’s become a tradition that Pete and Fran dedicate that particular day to minister a message of love and hope to women in state correctional systems.

Pete and Fran minister to prison inmates throughout the region, utilizing Pete’s own compositions and other carefully selected pieces of music. Pete sings and preaches...Fran mixes the sound...and the Holy Spirit runs the show! Pete calls his presentations ‘concert/services’, using the power, emotion and storytelling attributes of music to pave the way for the Gospel message. Weaving music and God’s Word, he creates a life-changing tapestry, with Jesus Christ at the center of it all.

Theirs is a world of walled fortresses and razor wire; loading and unloading heavy sound equipment; overworked chaplains and corrections officers; countless rules, regulations, searches and inspections – and of course the inmates. Pete and Fran have developed a passion to serve “the least of these”...men and women whom society has largely written off...murders, rapists, swindlers, thieves who are all seeking that amazing grace and mercy only God can give.

The standard of Christ is the heartbeat of Pete’s message. And he takes that message seriously, often using himself as ‘my own best worst example.’ His teaching is down-to-earth, avoiding complex theology in favor of practical application of the scriptures. God has shown him that incarcerated men and women are searching for something they can relate to...not more confusion in their lives.

SonPower Ministries averages two dozen or more state penitentiary concert/services per year. Though the efforts of two faithful servants, literally thousands of inmates have given their lives to Jesus Christ. But more important than sheer numbers of conversions are the dramatically changed lives, over time, as the result of SonPower’s teaching and discipleship efforts. To that end, Pete conducts weekly class sessions at Cumberland County (PA) Prison where inmates are mentored, with emphasis on developing Christ-like character, so that good fruit can blossom during the course of their faith journey.

Testimonial - Cumberland County Prison

SonPower Ministries by Pete Einstein is a unique ministry. Pete is the only music ministry that regularly comes to this prison. Pete for many years has done concert services at Cumberland County Prison and without fail, inmates have responded to the gospel message at the close of every program. He has reached the inmates through the one thing that can easily touch people’s souls – music that is performed for the glory of God. Inmates look forward to the SonPower concerts.

Several years ago, Pete began a weekly Bible study based on the Daily Bread devotional. Devotionals are distributed to the inmates for their use. Each Wednesday he has a discussion from a Daily Bread reading selected for that day. Pete presents additional information about the scripture reading, provides practical illustrations and helps relate it to the inmates’ lives. Inmates have expressed their appreciation for the way the study is done because it is simple and gives them opportunity to dialogue and ask questions.

Pete brings an added dimension to our program – presenting the gospel from a “different” perspective. His music is brings an added dimension in the presentation of the gospel and is important to the overall program we have at Cumberland County Prison.

Chaplain Hugh Foshee
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Director of Pastoral Care
Cumberland County Prison

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